The Negative Effects Of A Sedentary Lifestyle On Your Body

The Negative Effects Of A Sedentary Lifestyle On Your Body

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Our sedentary lifestyle has resulted in an increased percentage of adults suffering from a chronic condition called Heart Disease. Most people who have developed coronary artery disease were not active enough to shed excess body fat during their lifetimes. Too many people sit at a desk all day, commuting back and forth between work and home. Their sedentary lifestyle encourages smoking, unhealthy eating, stress and anxiety. This eventually leads to unhealthy conditions that can cause heart disease.

A sedentary lifestyle results in low levels of energy and low levels of physical activity. Your muscles become weak over time, without much usage. This creates a decreased need for exercise, which promotes a sedentary lifestyle in many people. Additionally, your resting metabolic rate decreases, because you are not getting the oxygen and nutrients that you would need during the resting phase of your metabolic cycle. Your heart is also a muscle, and as a result it requires exercise just to be healthy.

Research shows that chronic lack of physical activity has a negative effect on your health. Not only does it result in weight gain and an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but it can also result in several other health problems. Many researchers believe that prolonged sedentary behavior and all-cause mortality are strongly linked to a sedentary lifestyle through the effects on cardio-vascular disease, stroke and high blood pressure. In addition to being a contributing factor to all-cause mortality, the consumption of tobacco products, alcohol and beverages that contain caffeine are also associated with weight gain, a weaker immune system, and numerous other health concerns.

Not only are there a number of physical conditions that can be influenced by a sedentary lifestyle, but there are a number of mental conditions as well. Depression is one of the most serious mental health concerns that can be associated with a sedentary lifestyle, and research shows that both women and men are at an increased risk for depression if they are sedentary throughout their lives. Cancer is another big concern, especially colon and breast cancer. The sedentary lifestyle is directly associated with a higher incidences of colon and breast cancer. Obesity is another issue. Studies show that the consumption of tobacco products, especially cigarettes, and the combined consumption of sugary foods and lack of physical activity have led to an increased obesity rate amongst American youth.

Not only are there a number of different health risks that can be influenced by a sedentary lifestyle, but the quality of life is diminished as well. Not only do people not get enough physical activity, but they also tend to be inactive during times of stress. Studies have shown that chronic stress can result in the development of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, depression, high blood sugar levels and even arthritis. It is important to take care of yourself physically as well as mentally in order to maintain good health.

Overall, our sedentary lifestyles can negatively affect not only your mind but your body as well. There are many ways that you can start improving your health by starting to add more physical activity to your daily routine. Sedentary lifestyles are no longer an excuse for poor health. Start getting active and living a healthier life today.

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