The Old Movie That Just Keeps Getting Older

The Old Movie That Just Keeps Getting Older

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Have you ever been stuck in a queue at the movie theatre and waded through aisles full of old movie clunkers? If so, you can relate to one lonely man in Florida who bought a rare old VHS tape of Saturday Night Fever. It wasn’t his first time trying to watch the movie; he’d never even heard it.

The owner of the VHS told him that it was one of his best finds – an old comedy about a group of teenage friends on an exotic vacation who find the isolated beach where they’re relaxing for some hours on the shore is somehow making them age quickly reducing their lives to just a week. So with the help of his friendly neighborhood cop, Sam (John Candy), Sam goes along to the old, deserted beach to retrieve the tape – only to find it’s buried under dozens of old pizza boxes and abandoned cigarette packets. So Sam decides to restore the old VHS to full working condition, and while doing so, he gets distracted by the discovery that a similar movie, entitled Beach Movie, was made almost 30 years ago, on the same beach.

Now, Sam and his friend Norma (Daryl Hannah) find out that they have another movie to catch up on, this time a Hollywood blockbuster! The treasure of Beach Movie is buried in their garage along with all their other VHS tapes, which also seem to be buried. With a reluctant Sam and Norma, they begin a desperate search for the movie’s infamous star, hoping to track down the treasure before the movie is re-released in a few months. But as they dig up more of the vintage treasures, they learn that the “VHS” in the title is actually a long scratched out section of the original movie tape, and as the weeks go by, the two friends dig even deeper into the treasure hunt. Frightened, Sam realizes that he’ll have to start digging even deeper into his stash of old VHS tapes if he wants any hope of finding Beach Movie…

In the meantime, a newly divorced couple living in Florida discover the mysterious VHS tape while looking to add some new life to their marriage. Frightened at first, they panic as they realize what they’re dealing with… a missing old movie. The next day, Sam and Norma head over to Sam’s parent’s house, but quickly realize that their mom’s basement has a TV in it, and as they watch the TV, they learn that their basement’s security system is programmed to alert them if anything is moved in the house. After detecting a radio signal from inside the house, Sam and Norma head to Sam’s parent’s garage to retrieve the old movie they missed… but as they approach their car, the answering machine begins to play a recording of a police siren, which Sam immediately identifies as being a possible lead in the case.

As he and Norma argue, Sam finds himself becoming increasingly worried about the security of his “treasure,” so he tells Norma that he doesn’t know if he can keep the tape there or not, and then he heads out to find out! Unfortunately, Sam gets into an old car crash on his way home, and when he comes across the body of a mysterious young woman who appears to be inside the car, Sam realizes just how lucky he was to find her before the accident occurred. With the help of a crazy old man (Dolph Lundgren), Sam is able to track down the owner of the stolen car, and the two of them track the car to a house where Sam’s dad lives. Once inside, they learn that the strange woman has been killed by someone she knew, so Sam and Norma vow to help each other find out the truth about the strange occurrences in their lives.

Although the old theme park attraction from decades ago is nowhere near as funny as it was in the 1980s (the cast includes Kurt Russell, Dan Aykroyd, and Christopher Reeve), it is still a fun watch. If you like the idea of old movies being a part of your future entertainment, this is a definite must-see movie. Don’t miss it when it hits theaters in just a couple of weeks! It will make your collection of old movies even more complete!

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