The Other Side: The Movie Review

The Other Side: The Movie Review

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One of the best horror films of all time, The Shining has a great deal to thank for its success. Sure, it had David Lean and his cast of well-known stars. But without the iconic Jack Nicolson leading the cast, or his wonderful accent as The Dude, The Shining would not have been the epic success that it truly is. The Shining tells the story of two people who land in an isolated hotel after a plane crashes, and while there they are faced with hallucinations, strange powers, and a slew of other horrors that will take their toll on the people around them.

In terms of plot, The Shining picks up after the previous US movie,omnia. Though it is still a horror film, it feels more like a comedy, and the comedy is great. The comedy is provided by the great duo of Bill Murray and Bruce Dolph, who play the two characters, newlyweds who find themselves trapped in a mental institution for the criminally insane. While they are there, they learn about the Other Side and are taken into the entity itself.

The Other Side looks much like the original novel, but instead of relying solely on the source material, it cribs from many of its ideas. The novel begins with a man (Dolph) who is waiting for hisnia to heal so he can go back home to reach his wife and child. While waiting, he witnesses the rise of a cult that uses a nuclear bomb to summon demons. The man then joins the cult and is transformed into a demon. He then proceeds to wreak havoc throughout the rest of the movie, using his newfound powers to help the Other Side.

As the movie progresses, the Other Side starts to take on more characteristics of a superman, and eventually transforms into something much more gruesome than even Superman could. The Other Side begins to take the form of numerous different beings who feed off the energy of humans, using them as sustenance. As the number of creatures increase, so does the amount of destruction that can be caused. Throughout most of the movie, various members of the military try to get into the Other Side so that they can either be saved or stop the monstrosity from doing whatever it is that it wants to. It becomes obvious that only the forces of good will be able to prevent the dopplers from taking over the entire US.

When the military finally gets its man into the entity, he is immediately attacked by a member of the Other Side who is much more frightening than the entity itself. Several soldiers are killed as the monstrosity tears through the military and its lines with ease. Only one of the soldiers, an escaped convict, is able to escape and bring in valuable information about the Other Side. Using this information, the government forms the Department of Defense, which goes on to research and develop various weapons to combat the assorted dopplers.

There is a very good reason that this movie should have been made into a horror film instead of a comedy. The sheer brutality and scale of the creatures is enough to set the scene for some very tense and memorable scenes. I would highly recommend this movie to any man that has seen the Twilight movie series. If you enjoy dark comedy with a little humor, then I would recommend that you give Hostel a try.

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