“The Ring” Movie Review – Starring Nicholas Cage and More!

“The Ring” Movie Review – Starring Nicholas Cage and More!

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As we approach the end of the US movie release calendar year, we are faced with a unique conundrum. With a plethora of movies already released in the fall months, it is easy to lose track and forget what happened over the summer months. But what can you do? Go back and catch up on what you missed.

The first ten minutes or so of American crime drama tethered everything to a familiar archetype. A new victim is found bound hand in hand with a serial killer. The investigation reveals the connection to a pair of twins who are the latest victims in the series. If you have not been able to put the movie down, do not worry; you have all your answers here.

After the discovery of the twins, the killer makes a final kill to distract the police from pursuing him. However, he is foiled by the officer who is close to his path. Will this be the end of the story line? One has to assume so because as the credits run out an unknown assailant approaches the twins, brutally murders them and barricades the front door. The only person who can get inside is the cop on the trail.

Within the span of an hour, the audience is introduced to the world of trauma. The killer has left no sign of his body, nor does the cop find any evidence tying him to the scene. This is the beginning of the story of the tethered serial killer and the viewer will learn why he chose these two victims. He likely chose their hands across the street because the girls were walking home from school and he hoped that they would call the police when they showed up.

From the description of the characters in this twisted plot, I think it is safe to assume that the author had a personal interest in the real life tragic events that plague our American society. He took the time to research the real events that spawned this story, something most authors should do before writing a movie script. He did not stop at the fact that the girls were walking home from school when he decided to create the character of tethered victim. The author also seems to have a personal understanding of what it is like to live with the death of a loved one; something most Americans are not even aware of.

I hope the movie “The Ring” (starring Nicholas Cage) will attract audiences who have not seen the original version, “Lawrence of Arabia”. Even though “The Ring” is based on an original story, it is a modern day story and that is what makes it a great horror film. Movie goers of all ages will enjoy this film because it is pure entertainment and will entertain regardless of age. It is a perfect companion to the more acclaimed “ulations”.

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