The Rise of the Independent Movie – Why It’s Important For US Movie Ratings

The Rise of the Independent Movie – Why It’s Important For US Movie Ratings

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The MPAA is constantly working to protect our movie ratings. Over the past few years they’ve had to censor some of their own movies due to their content. However, the movie industry is a multimillion dollar industry and they don’t need to worry about the MPAA and it’s ever-changing threats. With that in mind; it’s interesting to see the US movie ratings system; especially now that the internet is so dominant. The Internet has already stolen the ratings war.

While it’s true that the MPAA doesn’t have a favorite movie we want to see released, there are tons of them they do want to see screened. If everyone agrees with the ratings, then producers will be more apt to make more mainstream movies. This isn’t necessarily good for the US movie industry, but it’s certainly good for the overall American culture. There are so many people watching their local network television or going to their favorite movie channels that they’ll still be watching when a major movie hits the theater.

Because the US has so many cable television channels dedicated to movie watching, the ratings are less important than ever. For example, many movie houses are simply putting out older, foreign films with English subtitles on them. It seems that everyone has gotten used to having the subtitles on, and that they no longer care what they say. While this may be a good strategy for the movie houses, it has absolutely nothing to do with what we want to watch.

Of course, the big US movie industry is not letting go of their standards. Instead, the ratings are largely being ignored. It seems that they are doing everything in their power to hold on to the status of being the standard against which all other movies must be measured. There are plenty of examples of this, including the fact that the only movies on cable television that are truly hit are the highest grossing movies.

One of the interesting trends in the US is the rise of independent movies. These are movies that are made by and for the masses, and are made so that the masses can find something to like. If you’re one of those people who enjoys reading book reviews and seeing independent movies, then you’ll be interested in what is happening in this country.

When the movie house decided that they wanted to make a black and white film, instead of making a color film, they simply modified the color prints and put a black logo on the front of the theaters. The result was that people would pay more money to see these movies, because they were able to choose which black and white movie they wanted to see. It’s interesting that while they might have lost some of their audience, they’ve actually gained quite a bit. That’s because the US movie industry is beginning to realize that most of their audience is online, and that the internet is the best place to advertise. In short, the rise of the independent movie has done much to change the US movie industry for the better.

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