The Risky Business of Dating a Call Girl

The Risky Business of Dating a Call Girl

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When high school junior Joel Goodsen (Tom Hanks) is away on spring break, his friends travel together in his mother’s sports car. ecstatic when his mom leaves for a couple of days, high school junior Joel Goodsen ( Travis Parker) cuts loose with his favorite friend Miles. But when an attempt at getting a prostitute goes very wrong, Joel gets captured and sent to prison. Forced to fight for his freedom, Joel creates a plan to get out of jail.

After being released from prison, Joel returns to visit his mother who has left him since grade school. But she’s not the only one that’s gone. Faithful to his family, whose lives are turning into a nightmare, Joel returns home only to find that his dad, grandparents and his step-mom are all missing. Frightened but still determined to get away, he throws a large glass egg at his father’s head. To make matters worse, his conscience won’t let him throw the egg at his new girlfriend, Desiree (Daryl Hannah), even if she’s waiting for him there.

With a new sense of direction and determination, Joel returns to college – but with a different purpose in mind. Having recently broken up with Desiree, he plans to use the old time rock music to win her back. But with the help of his girlfriend’s parents, Joel soon finds himself back in the arms of his former girl. Meanwhile, Desiree’s parents learn that they can pay their way through college by helping her become a stripper.

Now, Joel is determined to get out of his old time rock and roll lifestyle and join his old buddies from high school. He still has the hots for some of his old female friends such ascca (Monica Belluci), but they’re not as interested in getting involved in a risky business as he is. So he decides to go to the local strip bar in order to try one of their new drinks. While he’s trying the “disco mix”, an unknown waitress walks in and asks him to dance. When he politely declines, she leaves with the bartender. Before long, Joel realizes that he’s in love with this girl, calling her the “Disco Goddess”.

But when he gets a call from a number that his ex-girlfriend wrote down on the day she dumped him, Joel doesn’t know what to make of it. The next day, he goes to the bar where his friend slept and asks the bartender if he can give him one point. The bartender tells him no. Then he gets another call form a girl he knows wants to meet him, so Joel decides to go with her, but just as before he’s refused again. Finally he gets a call from one of the girls from his past, and he’s even more surprised to learn that she agrees to help him. They agree to make a joint payment, and before leaving, Joel asks her if he can call her tomorrow, so he can at least enjoy the company of one of his old girlfriends.

This book is a great example of how a guy should take risks even if it’s not worth it. It’s true that it would be easier to just stay in the safe zone and deal with the normal problems facing him instead of going out of his comfort zone to try something risky, but that would be a losing proposition. Yes, it might be easier to just live your life like everyone else without having to deal with things like meeting hot women, but what fun is that? I think that Joel’s decision to try a call girl is a pretty smart one, and when you put everything into consideration, I’d have to say that I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who’s serious about meeting some really hot ladies.

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