The Shining – A Freaky Movie Thrill

The Shining – A Freaky Movie Thrill

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The title says it all – Freaky Movie. If you’ve ever been inside a dark room with bloodshot eyes and nose bleeds after a midnight snack, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Even if the only people in the room are your two best friends who happen to be afflicted with varying degrees of the same affliction, there is still no guarantee that the movie itself won’t turn into an actual freaky movie. Don’t count on it though – unless you want to experience the same blood-soaked, nerve-shaking effects as the director’s cut version of the movie does!

I’ll be honest with you; I haven’t really seen a lot of the recent horror flicks. While they are usually pretty good, theres just not enough gruesome kills or intense scenes to keep the movie suspenseful enough. The average freaky movie will just have your heart pumping and your mind racing with images of blood, guts, and monsters, instead of ‘here we go, here we go’. When I was growing up, this type of movie was dubbed “trash cinema” and was very popular with my friends. I loved watching these types of films as a kid because there were always a bunch of blood shed victims and the hero always seemed to get away.

Nowadays, the craze for “trash cinema” has turned me away from these movies. I tend to enjoy the suspense and the macabre pictures that capture the imagination. However, a freaky movie would not work for me unless there was some kind of twist at the end… like a surprise ending! That is when I will enjoy watching a movie like this.

The title of this movie is referencing the David Carrad book “The Shining” and the film itself takes elements from that book and puts them in a modern setting. With a super suspense story, and a cast that includes Jack Nicholson, Steve McQueen, and Bill Murray, The Shining is a fun and addictive movie. The director cuts a few corners, and uses some conventional film elements to create a more surreal atmosphere. It’s all about perfect timing.

When I saw the movie on its release, I was instantly hooked. By the end of the third act, the audience was laughing so hard they were crying. The special effects were spectacular and the special effects were bloody and gruesome. This makes The Shining one of the most memorable horror movies ever made… and the reason why it’s such a classic.

If you have never seen The Shining, or you have seen it and you hate it, then make sure you add The Golden Army to your movie list. It’s a great, twisted look at the world of entertainment and how entertainment can affect our moods and behavior. I recommend The Golden Army to anyone who hasn’t seen the original version but would like to experience the insane insanity that this version of The Shining has to offer.

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