The Social Network Movie Review

The Social Network Movie Review

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High school junior Joel Goodsen relocates to St. Louis after his parents move away on vacation. ecstatic when his parents finally leave for vacation for a couple of days, high school junior Joel Goodsen (Goodman) crashes into a woman’s apartment. Forced to service her demanding clientele, Joel quickly engages in one-night stands, followed by frequent visits from a pimp and his friend Miles.

However, when a hooker from New York visits, things go from bad to worse. Forced to work at the brothel, Joel finds himself drawn into this new strange life. Meanwhile, Miles defects with a German girl who wants to help him make more money. In an effort to get some much-needed cash before his parents leave town, Joel agrees to pay the hooker a visit in the hopes of getting laid. Once his parents leave, however, his risky business takes another turn.

When the parents return, they find that the hooker has been living in a fake mansion and plans to escape. Desperate to keep her, Joel must travel to Las Vegas with the help of his friend Bob Seger (George Clooney), a man with a unique sense of humor. While traveling, Joel gets bitten by a giant rattlesnake and is injured. Fortunately, his friend has a quick-relief kit that includes antivenin, and together they head to the hospital.

But when the ambulance arrives, it reveals that the injury was caused by nothing other than a broken glass egg. Now, as the parents leave, Joel has to decide between working to make enough money to pay for his and Miles’ rent, or risking his life for the love of a woman he barely knows. Ultimately, Joel chooses to risk his life, but not before learning that the girl he’s in love with, Bob Seger (George Clooney), plans to leave town once the movie is over. Meanwhile, Joel meets a sexy, dangerous hooker named Holly Golightly (Tilda Swinton), whose past experiences may just have him running for his life.

As Joel works to make ends meet, he meets a number of colorful and exciting characters. The wise native, Miss Edna ( Rebecca de Mornay), believes that everyone in L.A. is out to make a buck, and she sets out to do just that. Meanwhile, tough-as-nose street hustler, “Kenny” (Philip Seymour Hoffman) tries to pick up a girl, but he’s determined to do it on the cheap. His friend, “Reggie” (John Tutturro), is not as trusting of young men, but he decides to give Reuben a chance. But when Reuben runs a light shop out of his home, he discovers that many of the girls there are addicted to drugs and are carrying weapons.

In all, The Social Network is a fun and entertaining film. The script is well written, with plenty of humor, which helps to make the film a likeable and exciting watch. But it is also filled with some very dark ideas, including a romantic subplot involving a pregnant Reuben, and one where Joel and the hooker, Holly, are both lovers. The movie is entertaining and interesting, but does have its highs and lows, as is expected with an hour-long Hollywood blockbuster. In short, it’s a great family movie…

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