The Usual Suspects Movie Review – A Quick Review of the Psychological Thriller, The Usual Suspects

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There is a new monster movie coming out that stars Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, and Kevin Kline. I’m not quite sure if it will be any good, but you never know. Directed by the ever popular Wes Craven, it stars Bill Murray who has had a career renaissance after playing the ghost in Shrek (as well as Cogburn). Another great star in the cast is Eddie Murphy who plays Mike Wigand, a construction worker who gets stuck with the wife and children of a UFO enthusiast who builds flying creatures. The weirdo shows up to help the family solve a series of UFO sightings that are occurring around their area.

This film is about a group of three friends who decide to go on a mission to capture a flying creature that has been dubbed “The Nyong”. The name sounds a little strange, but the actual pronunciation is “nyong-g”. The crew is called the ” Nyong Watch”, because apparently the object somehow fell from the sky and landed in the middle of an African forest. It is unclear why it landed, but there were swarms of birds (including one very large eagle) around it, so it must have fallen into the water. They believe it was once tethered to a mallard, but then escaped when the mallard was picked off by predators.

The Nyong Watch crew decides to travel into the forest to find this monster and figure out what caused it to land there. They come across a few doblers (swans), which are also referred to as “Doo-lers”, and it turns out that these creatures were actually tethered to the mallard. The story lines take place in numerous places throughout the entire movie, and I can’t spoil it for you, but it does get pretty intense at the end. This is one of those films where the movie gets pretty dark, and there is some language that might offend some viewers. I don’t think it reaches the level of Rated R, but it’s still a fine watch if you only have time for one movie on Blu-ray.

In this film we learn that the doldrums are caused by the fact that people are drawn to other people who act and think like themselves. There is a theory that the reason we are drawn to other people who look like us is because we feel safer with them, and the doppelgangers are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. This is also a reason why movies such as Twilight or Dark Places are popular, because it is a way to explain how human beings interact with the idea of other species.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays the title role of Mike; he is a mild-mannered guy who works in an advertising firm. One day, he and his co-worker arrive at the same airport on the same plane as Edward; they mistake him for a co-worker. Within minutes of being there, they both realize that they have the same look for a man named Eric who works with them. They then decide to get to know each other better, and after getting lost for three days, they decide to fly off to New York to meet for the first time. The rest of the movie follows their odyssey.

Although this is only a movie, it doesn’t feel like a movie at all. There is no dialogue between the characters, no cutting or editing, just the characters speaking spontaneously and naturally. There is no build up, no dramatic tension, no real sense of adventure, just pure friendship and the journey. It’s a very natural story, told entirely through friendship and the power of reflection. If you enjoy psychological thrillers and horror movies, I would recommend that you check out The Usual Suspects.

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