‘The Wall’ Movie Sequel Pays homage to Sarah Palin, examines Risky Business

‘The Wall’ Movie Sequel Pays homage to Sarah Palin, examines Risky Business

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High school junior Joel Goodsen ( TOM LANDS) is ecstatic when his parents go on vacation for some days. But anxious as ever when his friends leave town for some days, teenage Joel always bets that his favorite girl, fifteen year old Lana ( Reese Witherspoon), will crash at any motel they may find. When a bungled attempt at getting a female client goes slightly awry, Joel instead hires stunning seventeen year old model Jordon ( Vanessa Hudgens) for a rendezvous. Surprised by the amount of money the exotic dancer pays for her services, Joel becomes worried and goes out with high spirited partner, Lane (Brian Price).

But when their tryst turns sour in a pimp bar, the two are left with a dead hooker (abilia collector) and a pile of debt that could bankrupt any average family. To make matters worse, their mutual friend decides to run for Congress against Speaker Paul Ryan (John Ratzenberger). Fearing the unpopularity of an outsider as the new speaker of the House, the dangerous businessman tries to rally support behind him, but both he and his new girl are out of luck as Ryan wins easily.

But then a neo-noir named Rebecca de Mornay (izons herself) shows up at the Goodsen home and insists on knowing the whereabouts of his parents. She takes charge of the investigation only to learn that the entire family is in on the scam. Meanwhile the other members of the family become involved in their own shady business dealings. Things spiral out of control and the only person who can stop it is Paul Ryan himself. With a vengeance, Paul Ryan rallies his old friends and uses his newfound political power to take care of everyone else’s mess. But what he leaves unsaid is that he might be the new Speaker of the House…

With the help of ex-convict Curt Teem, the newly minted Speaker stages a mock trial of the entire legislature to expose the scandals behind their smooth political facade. The hearings go on for months as the press conference turns into a grisly charade as each faction tries to outmaneuver the others. In the end, though, it’s the old time rock ‘n’ roll sound of Pink Floyd’s greatest hit that captures the attention of everyone. As the name is implied, the song takes a politically incorrect turn as the band performs the original version of “The Wall” while wearing the now-iconic eye patch. The song is a fitting tribute to the members of Congress who choose to wear eye patches in an attempt to hide the truth about who they are and what they’re doing. While some may find the sight of the band performing the old-time rockers song to be over the top, the fact that the band themselves chose to wear eye patches during the performance makes things far more palatable.

In a way, “The Wall” takes cue from Pink Floyd’s infamous Animals album where the group wore eye patches in order to hide the contents of their musical instruments. However, in this instance, the band chooses to mask rather than hide. Throughout the song, the ever-present narrator, played by none other than former congressman, Rebecca De Mornay, attempts to explain how risky business leaders need to make the right decisions in order to serve the best interests of their constituents.

Playing the role of an anchor for the narrator, former Democratic nominee for vice president, Tim Ryan, provides much of the humor with his consistently wrong predictions about how the proceedings will unfold. In one scene, the President of the United States is seen reading a financial forecast, prompting a shocked response from the audience. However, President Obama’s co-worker, played by comedian Chris Redd, explains that the quote was actually intended to be a metaphor, and that the President simply likes tangerine dreams. Ultimately, the humorous reference makes the point that, despite how much people like to watch political dramas, being a good, responsible leader requires a certain amount of risk, which is what “The Wall” hopes to highlight.

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