Thrill Your Senses With a Love Movie

Thrill Your Senses With a Love Movie

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The love movie has to be one of the most popular categories in Hollywood and there are many reasons why. First of all, it’s incredibly easy to get involved in and one can even enjoy the journey rather than just watching as the two people in love make their way toward the very happy ending. But, when one watches a love movie, what’s so amazing is that the two people in love in the film aren’t the usual couple. They are the characters in the movies that get hurt and sometimes lose their lives. It’s truly an amazing and uplifting experience to watch these movies and feel like you’re actually participating in those scenes.

Love Actually is one of the many great love movies you might choose to watch with your loved one this year. This movie depicts a relationship that goes from being ordinary to extraordinary in just a few short months. It’s set in California but the real setting of the story is in Paris, France. Daniella Cicarelli is one of the leading characters and her relationship with David starts out like any other typical romance but quickly begins to take on a life of its own. This love movie is directed by David Fincher and stars Celine Dion, Kevin Spacey, and Dabney Coleman.

You don’t have to travel far to find a movie with the hottest star, whether it’s Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Alba, in the lead role. Every leading female character in movies is great, and it can be refreshing to see a new love interest in a movie that already captivates you. Add a strong and believable lead character to the mix and you have a surefire hit for the night.

Another movie you should definitely be watching is The Mask. Directed by Wes Ball, The Mask is another fast paced romance/action film that just happens to contain some fantastic fight scenes. In addition to Jennifer Lopez and Jason Lee, there are several other excellent actors to include in this one as well. If your man likes to watch romance movies and action at the same time, this is the one he’s going to want to show up at your movie night with.

In fact, for many women they absolutely love watching movies about love. After all, men and women experience love differently. Men like to enjoy the thrill of the chase while women like to be involved from the start. It’s safe to say that most of the best love movies involve a man getting involved with a woman he thought he would never see again. There’s something wonderfully romantic about a man falling madly in love with a woman he knows nothing about. Most of all, when he’s finally ready to move forward with her, it’s completely thrilling to watch her reaction to his advances.

It doesn’t matter if your man has never been terribly adventurous or he’s just not that interested in finding love, there’s always a great movie out there for him. If he likes action, watch movies like Kill Bill or Taken. If he likes classic romance movies, check out The Heartbreak Kid or Edward Scissorhands. But if he’s really into watching movies about love, then any movie that features a strong female protagonist will work. Love movie night is always fun and you can’t go wrong with a movie starring such celebrities as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Meg Ryan, Reese Witherspoon, Oprah Winfrey and Reese Lincecum. They’re all very popular movie stars and they know how to make any night special.

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