Tips On Wearing The Right Business Suits And Dresses

Tips On Wearing The Right Business Suits And Dresses

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A business suit is a basic pair of clothing consisting of a blouse, jacket, or waistcoat, with trousers. Traditionally considered business casual wear, when worn with a matching necktie, dress shoes, and same colored necktie, it previously was considered more casual wear in Western society. It has since become a staple business attire in all professions including the executive suite, board rooms, and law firms. In the past few years however, as more women have taken to wearing business suits more openly in the workplace, it has slowly become accepted in society and the offices of the law as a workplace staple.

Although a business suit is generally a work-fitting full-length outfit, there are many variations of the jacket style that one can wear. The most popular variations include the traditional three-piece jacket with two types of trousers. The two types of pants could be: full-length or v-neck, or the shorter version of this would be the pencil-neck or turtle neck. There are also other variations of the jacket style, such as the checkered or checked collar and the double-breasted look. Whichever jacket type one chooses to wear, it is important to note that a business suit should always be worn with trousers and a conservative, but professional-looking jacket and tie.

One might be wondering what distinguishes a three-piece blazer from a two-piece. The main difference between these two varieties of blazers is the width of the coat. Blazer-style coats are generally wider than their two-piece cousins; hence, they will not work for women who are just getting out of college, for example, or women who are too small for the blazer-style coat (i.e., petite woman). Another way to differentiate between the two types of blazers is the width of the sleeves.

For the outerwear, a business suit and trousers should always be bought in the same type of fabric. Cotton, linen, wool, cashmere, silk, gabardine, velour, and seersucker are some of the fabrics that are used to make a one-piece suit or blazer. It is important to buy a cotton or linen blend because the cotton/ linen blend is much more breathable and will keep you much cooler during the warmer months of the year. Wool on the other hand will keep you much warmer in the coldest months of the year.

For the most casual attire, men who choose to wear a dress pant suit and a skirt should opt for a skirted suit and a blazer. For the business-type attire, business suit and dress pants should always be bought in the same materials. It is advised to purchase a white or gray suit with a blazer or a vest so that they can be alternated as the need arises. For women who are buying a business suit, skirts, jackets, dresses and skirts should all be bought in the same material. Some of the common fabrics for the business attire include denim, silk, chiffon, cotton, wool, cashmere, velvet, rayon, silk, gabardine and crepe.

For business suits and other formal attire, men should opt for dress shirts that come in solid colors. It is advised to wear solid-colored shirts with dark colored business suits and solid-colored dress shirts with light colored suits. Women who want to look classy should wear solid-colored dresses and skirts with jackets. For the casual attire, women should opt to wear halter dresses or halter tops that come in many colors, patterns and textures to accessorize their business suits and dresses.

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