Top Five Best Casino Movie Trends

Top Five Best Casino Movie Trends

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Are you one of those millions who have seen a casino movie? Casino movies are not only fun to watch, but also teach us something about the game and life in general. Here is a list of my favorite casino movie scenes.

In Black Rain (either version) by Tom Shankwitz and Robert Rodriguez, an undercover cop in Las Vegas is given the task of infiltrating a high-stakes casino to discover a plot. Once there, he must infiltrate a rival casino to bring in information. The scene is bloody, tense, and hilarious. The pair’s chemistry and acting is great throughout the film, which makes it an easy favorite.

No Country For Old Men (either version) by Ben Wheatley imagines a small English town in the year 2040, where the only inhabitant is an old man suffering from amnesia. He returns to the sleepy town and becomes a suspect in a series of murders that occur in the area. The storyline may seem far-fetched, but the film is quite tense and realistic. This crime thriller stars Ed Harris and Joanna Marchetti. Both actors have superb supporting roles, which help make No Country For Old Men one of the best films of the year.

The Tin Cup (either version) by Steve McQueen is based on the true story of a legendary World Cup race. The movie starts in Rio, where McQueen must track down a Formula 1 race car driver who stole the formula one title from him. He also needs to get to the championship race in Mexico, where the cars are painted yellow and silver. This scene includes incredible chase scenes involving speed, violence, and amazing explosions.

Casino Royale (either version) by Jean Renoir is another fantastic casino movie. This time, Mlette Jovovich plays the title role, which makes her a star in her own right. She must rally her way through the casino to win the heart of her lover, played by Russell Brand. The movie chronicles the rise of Mlette and Brand’s romance, and includes a series of shootouts at the casino. The violence here is graphic, yet the romantic subplot works at its best in this movie. It ends with a stunningly beautiful sequence set in the snowcapped mountains.

No Country For Old Men, No Car To Go Home, and Casino Royale are all great movies with fantastic plot twists, and realistic characters. They are easy to watch, which is why they are favorites among people of all ages. If you enjoy thrillers with a dark sensibility, then these movies should be on your list. The main character, Robert Duvall, does a terrific job as an actor. His character was modeled after famous Hollywood gunslingers, and the way he taunts and threatens his enemies makes you feel for him, even if you know they aren’t really after him.

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