Top Five Halloween Movies Of 2021

Top Five Halloween Movies Of 2021

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Every year Hollywood unleashes a plethora of truly scary Halloween movie contenders. This year promises to be no different with many films featuring the Scariest Clown, Zombies and More! As the evening draws nearer many people are beginning to wonder where you can watch the best Halloween movie. So where do you begin?

The first step to finding the perfect Halloween movie is to decide which one you want to see. Many people start off by going to their local video store to browse through the horror and suspense that is sure to be on offer this Halloween. Once you have settled on a particular title you can then begin to look at the movies according to genre. There are of course the horror films and then there are the comedy/horror flicks such as Halloween II: The Revenge of Michael Myers. So where do you start?

Of course, the first option would be to go to your local video store and browse through the horror films and then the comedies. There is a wealth of choice here and depending on what genres you are looking for you will surely find what you are looking for. One of the most popular series is of course the Halloween franchise. This series consists of five films all featuring the resident Trick-or-Treater Michael Myers. So where do you start once you have decided this is your favorite series?

Of course, the second option would be to go to either Google or Yahoo! and type in the Halloween film title you have selected. This will bring up a host of links to titles such as Halloween II: The Revenge of Michael Myers and Halloween III: Halloween Party Massacre. Now depending on what you are looking for in a Halloween movie you can choose the right one out.

Of course, there is also the stand-alone Halloween movie to choose from. Usually, these are comedies about a boy who is so scared of his Halloween activities that he does not want to do them. Usually, these movies take place in the autumn months and will probably star either Mike Myers, Bill Murray or even worse, Michael Myers. I think it is safe to say that halloween kills is not your average comedy.

The good news for all of us that haven’t seen the first two films is that the trailers for the first two films are already available online for everyone to see. If you are having a hard time deciding which movie to choose from the endless list of offerings, then just remember that the first two Michael Myers films were made by the genius director Wes Craven. That means he knows exactly what he is doing and the results are classic. You can count on at least one or two of those films to entertain you throughout Halloween night. So make sure to start looking for them in late September, and enjoy the fun.

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