Top Five Old Movies You Must See Now!

Top Five Old Movies You Must See Now!

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One of the most interesting movies I have ever seen was “Old Man Running”. It is about an aging couple on a small, secluded island who find that the only remaining secluded beach in which they’re relaxing for some hours is somehow causing them to rapidly age quickly losing their lives to a slow, gradual loss. One night, as they are lounging on the beach, Old Man keeps talking to a recently returned old friend (actor Steve McQueen) and he starts to tell him about his past, full of nostalgia for his youth. It is a very funny film that will make you think about life in the present even if you haven’t given it much thought.

Another great movie that’s worth a look is “The Dark Half” starring Bruce Willis and Robert Duvall. This is a great action and comedy movie about a hit man ( Willis ) who is hired by the Chinese mob to eliminate a particular target. The hitman accidentally kills the wrong person in the process and now the Chinese are looking for revenge. The movie has many memorable moments like the cars chase scene, the henchman building a huge dam to trap the American president, and the crazy Chinese mob wants this man dead…as fast as he can…as soon as he leaves the bar.

Another movie worth mentioning is “Dumb and Dumber” starring Bill Murray. This is a very entertaining film about Lloyd Christmas ( Murray ) a lovable dimwit who has been raised by his grandfather ( Douglas Cook). One day, he goes on vacation with his grandpa and mom (Debra Wilson). While there he meets three other oddball characters (rows and dads – Michael Caine), a rich but mysterious resort manager (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and a sexy secretary (Sela Ward).

One more movie worth mentioning is “My Fair Lady” starring Meg Ryan and Susan Sarandon. This is a true romance/haremma film about Meg Ryan’s character Emmey (Sally Field) who falls in love with a young guy (ardy), while he becomes obsessed with another girl. Meanwhile, her friend comes to town to help her deal with some personal problems. The storyline and acting are quite good in this old movie. In fact, some of the movie’s lines have become very popular TV jokes!

Of course, “Gaslight” (aka “The Exorcist”) is probably the most well known old horror film ever made! Based on the novel “The Exorcist”, this is a classic film and well worth the time spent. When all is said and done, the film deals with the idea that mental illness can be just as dangerous and destructive as physical disease. This is an important and entertaining movie.

I could go on about more old movies… But these are some of the best ones out there. So pick up your favorite classic and enjoy the ride! After you’ve had your fun, check out our other classic movie list! You’ll be happy you did!

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