Top Five Scary Movies Ever Made

Top Five Scary Movies Ever Made

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The classic horror film has many faces but it is the one with the terrifying monster that makes it memorable. Most of the classic monster movies come from the era when people were more impressionable and therefore the monster made them more scared. Today, there are plenty of scary movie flicks that can make your heart go weak and your palms sweat. Here are some of the scariest monster movies ever made.

Frankenstein On Parade (19aline) This movie is still considered as one of the top ten monster movies ever made. The story revolves around a young man named Michael Myers who has a talent for creating creatures out of meat. One day, he accidentally eats a human liver and develops amnesia which causes him to go back in time and start his search for the person who ate his liver. In the process, he creates numerous monsters that terrorize the townspeople of New York City.

The Cube (ario De Gallo) A little bit of trivia: The movie The Cube was actually shot in three different locations. It was shot in the U.S., on the Brazilian rainforest and also in Italy. The scenes in the U.S. are shot in New York City and Los Angeles. On the other hand, the scenes in Brazil were shot on the Amazonian rainforest. The movie was made famous by Bill Murray’s character. The name of the character is Dr. Isaac, which you might not recognize from his TV shows.

The Shining ( Stanley Kubrick) This is a classic horror movie that has been compared to the Exorcist because of its dark atmosphere and eerie atmosphere. Jack Nicholson plays the role of Jim, a writer staying at a hotel that is haunted by a strange presence. The presence consists of a skeleton that frequently appears in the rooms and takes control of the residents. The locals also experience weird visions and feelings. The movie has become very iconic and is often referenced by viewers and actors alike.

The Ring ( Nicolas Cage) Starring as a mad scientist is no small feat, but then again, Nicolas Cage did manage to capture something truly scary in this movie. The Ring is about an experiments with human mind power, where people are put into a ring and left alone in a room. When they do not go to sleep, the doctor who holds the power over their mind waves keeps them awake by subjecting them to extreme amounts of radiation. Once they do sleep, they have no recollection of what happened during the time that they were awake. Oh, did I forget to mention that the room is also infested with some sort of vicious creatures and zombies? You get the idea.

There you have it – just a few of the most incredible scary movies ever made. What frightens you most when watching a scary movie is probably only limited by your imagination. As long as the monsters in the movies keep scaring us, it will be business as usual. Scary isn’t always synonymous with evil, it can be just fun and suspenseful at the same time!

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