Top Gun – A Risky Business in Lake Michigan

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“Whisk Shop” is the third release from the award winning director Quentin Tarantino’s prestigious filmography. With the help of this iconic director, the Coen brothers create a spellbinding film that puts audiences on the edge of their seats while at the same time captivating their emotions. The Coens have always been at the forefront of entertainment that puts style before substance, and they are at it again in this classy film. With a screenplay that is as smart as it is entertaining, “Whisk Shop” puts the directors at the head of the greatest comedy duo since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Goldie Hawn. If you like your comedies suspenseful, then this is one film you cannot miss.

When high school junior Joel Goodsen ( TOM TOLL) moves home with his friend Miles for the holidays, ecstatic, he’s overjoyed when his parents finally leave on vacation for several days. However, once an attempted visit to a prostitute goes terribly wrong, Joel is left reeling from his trauma. Distraught, he flees to his friend’s house where he hides out with Miles, who’s also suffering from guilt following the death of his wife five years ago. But when a mysterious stranger makes a grisly presence in the neighborhood, it’s up to Joel and Miles to investigate the man and his motives… When a series of murders take place in and around town, Joel realizes that the killer may be someone he knows and has been hiding behind the mask of a dead girl.

Having just discovered his true biological father, Joel has one mission: to find out if his biological mother, Debbie, has run a successful brothel from their hometown of Lake Michigan. The stakes are high for Joel and Debbie as he tries to protect her young son while simultaneously working to run a dangerous and immoral business from her home. Meanwhile, his own feelings for Rebekah, the beautiful and innocent blonde hooker he’s fallen for, cause him to fall in love with another woman. When the two are captured by neo-Nazi Skinheads who intend to use them for sex slavery, Joel and Debbie must work together to escape. Meanwhile, the volatile situation in Lake Michigan erupts into violence as a group of Skinheads erupts in violent riot, leaving Lake Michigan without any form of protection from looters.

After surviving the riot, Joel returns home only to find that his mom and dad have both disappeared. He then calls his good friend Tommy Clough, who lives in a nearby cabin, and together, they begin searching for his parents. Eventually they learn that a call girl called Sapphire had been keeping tabs on them for some time, and when she learns that her brother, Brickman, has run a brothel out of his home, she decides to expose his immoral ways. But before she can do much more, Joel is captured and taken back to his ship where he meets De Mornay, a dangerous escaped convicts who have also escaped from the police. Before either of them can complete their escape, however, the authorities suddenly storm the place, and while Joel and Sapphire run for safety, De Mornay kidnaps Sapphire and takes her to his warehouse to continue her life of crime.

Now, Joel and Sapphire must work together to rescue De Mornay and free herself from his clutches, while stopping the shipment of arms to Iraq. Meanwhile, Joel and Debbie’s romance continues to progress, but when their lives are put under serious threat once again, they are forced to come to terms with their differences. Meanwhile, in Lake Michigan, De Mornay sends his new partner, called Top Gun, to eliminate all of the hookers running through the area, including Debbie’s best friend, Reuben Feffer (IKA Rachel Bilson).

When the three of them are put under attack by Top Gun, the authorities are forced to arrest Joel and release him into their custody. Though Joel is ordered to stay away from the women he loves, he agrees to help them out if they agree to help him look for his friend, Brickman, who remains at large. In return, they agree to help him look for De Mornay, who is believed to still be involved in organized crime. However, in the end, they find that there is another woman, nicknamed Sapphire, working with the syndicate that supplies guns to Iraq.

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