Traditions and Different Colors of Business Suits

Traditions and Different Colors of Business Suits

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A business suit is a simple pair of clothing consisting of a blouse, shirt, or necktie, with trousers. It was once considered highly informal wear in Western business codes, when all same-titled clothing, of equal material, were worn together with a matching necktie, dress shoes, and same-titled dress shirts. A business suit used to be a work uniform, worn by salesmen or employees. The suit was a very utilitarian garment, originally intended to protect the wearer from the elements on the streets. A well-designed business suit can project a professional appearance and still convey a feeling of comfort and ease. Choosing the right colors for your business suit not only makes you look more formal, but also shows other people that you are comfortable in what you’re wearing.

The traditional business suit is dark in color, such as gray, navy blue, black, or dark gray. These days, other colors, including pinstriped red, green, or pink, have become more popular. For example, pinstriped red, green, or pink suits can be worn to church services, while pinstriped black or navy blue suits can be worn to a regular job interview. A wool suit worn to church can be made sleeker with machine washable linings. In other words, they can be washed as often as necessary to keep them looking fresh and new.

The four-piece suit worn today has evolved over the last century. First came the three-piece suit, which was introduced around 1904. The three-piece design included two jackets, a waistcoat, and a vest. The first versions of this three-piece ensemble did not have a waistcoat or vest, which made it difficult to match the colors, but later versions added these components, which made the business suit more formal.

After the three-piece model became outdated, another model was introduced. It was known as the four-piece business suit, which featured a jacket, a waistcoat, trousers, and a vest. A later version that incorporated pants and a vest was known as the v-neck business suit. In addition, during the 20th century, the collars on suits were designed to be shorter, which allowed greater color choices when choosing patterns for the tops. Thus, the four-piece became the most common type of business suit in use today.

The traditional business suits are worn to work, church, or to meet friends. Today, however, business suits are worn to many other occasions, including casual occasions such as a housewarming party, a casual vacation, an informal reunion, a fancy cocktail party, or a formal dinner. They can be worn to work in the morning, for attending a business meeting, during lunch at a restaurant, during an afternoon luncheon with friends, or during evening parties. The types of business suits seen in everyday use are usually dark colored, with short sleeves and a v-neck style of collar. They can be worn in any season, from summer to winter, although some manufacturers produce lighter weight dress shirts and dress trousers with matching v-necks.

The most common color choices for a business suit include dark colors like black, navy, gray, and dark brown. The most common pattern for business suits seen in casual occasions are a vertical stripe, with geometric shapes, checks, or a plaid design. However, there are many more patterns and styles available to choose from, for both formal and informal wear.

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