Two Hot Halloween Movies You Can’t Miss

Two Hot Halloween Movies You Can’t Miss

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As far as scary movies for young kids go, there are only a handful of them that are among the best of the crop. Sure, there are the usual “scary maze” movies that seem to be the staple of every Halloween special, but nothing compares to “The Shape”. Even if it’s not the scariest film out there, it’s still a damn good time. And if it’s a funny Halloween movie, then it’s one that is definitely on our list. So, here are some funny Halloween movie favorites that will make the night even more rocking!

“Witch Hazel” (Witches of East End) The first of a new wave of “Witch Hazel” movies, “Witch Hazel” stars Holly Hunter as Nancy Thompson, a hitchhiker who stumbles into a Halloween festival in rural Ohio. Once there, she runs into the nice lady who runs the Halloween store and accidentally helps her become a witch. Now, Nancy has taken on the persona of a “witch doctor” and must learn to control her powers lest she destroy the festival and her neighborhood. A pretty cool lead character, who happens to have a strong telepathic ability.

“Election” (Election) Another Tim Burton directed horror movie, this time starring Anne Hathaway as the teenage girl running for her city council seat. With the help of her mother (Sandra Oh), she pits herself against incumbent William Jefferson, who is endorsed by the pro-life movement. Expect plenty of shootouts between the two. This is one of those rare Tim Burton horror movies where he doesn’t over do the serial killer theme. It’s just right that he doesn’t overdo it.

“Strobe Head” Another horror movie you should definitely add to your list of must-see Tim Burton films is “Strobe Head”. Starring as Dr. Strangelove himself, Stanley Ford creates a fantastic and suspenseful scene of a nuclear war. The war room sets are very cool with lots of red and blue lights. Ford’s character makes some commentary about the potential destruction of humanity while eating his dog’s face. I don’t think Ford can direct a live action version of Strobe Head, but it’s worth a watch just to see how he gets across the point.

Finally, my two favorite Tim Burton films that are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video are ” Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. While both are different horror movies in different styles, they both definitely have a unique take on the holiday. If you haven’t seen either of them, you should definitely check them out. Both are stunningly gorgeous masterpieces of visual art and will truly amaze and delight your children, spouse, and friends.

Hopefully these few horror movies from Tim Burton are enough to get you into the mood for this year’s festivities. Many of us are already getting into the Halloween festivities, so if you haven’t checked out any of Tim Burton’s offerings, now is definitely the time to do so. I can guarantee you won’t regret watching any of these fantastic films on the big screen. Who knows, maybe you’ll even create some new holiday traditions by watching these two in the coming months. Whether you choose to watch “Merry Christmas,” or “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” there is no doubt that you will be able to find a few online that you will be eager to catch the next time you are near a PC.

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