US Movie Trailers Can Influence the US Economy

US Movie Trailers Can Influence the US Economy

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A few weeks ago I was discussing the parallels between The Exorcist and the Us film industry with a friend. Specifically we were focusing on the teaser trailer for The Exorcist, which I have to admit got me a bit confused. In the clip a man dressed up as Father Ramadan is shown holding up a picture of David Bowie. In my own mind, I can’t begin to understand why somebody would dress up in an outfit that is so iconic.

Another movie us Americans is called Prison Break, which features Michael Bay producing and starring in the picture. In this movie we also see Michael Bay leading a group of young men who are being held prisoner in a small town on the other side of the world. The movie us Americans is not tethered to a plot at all; it just acts as a vehicle for one of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the moment.

One movie that we are familiar with is the Matrix, which has become an epic movie in the making. Its main story line concerns how Neo, a young hacker with mysterious abilities, is embedded within the matrix and must fight his way out. Like The Exorcist, the movie US trailer is quite graphic, but then again that probably does not appeal to everyone.

We have also been exposed to trailers for movies like Man On The Moon, Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible. These are all incredibly popular movies that managed to win an Oscar for Best Picture, and resulted in a powerful movie industry. Like Exorcist and the Us movie, the Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible trailers also feature some graphic sequences, and although the movie itself does not contain any nudity or anything of the sort, it was widely panned by its audience. This is no coincidence, since the movie industry is undergoing a period of significant change.

The other movie that was recently released in the US is Fantastic Four. A new super hero has emerged and is fighting against villains from our past and from other dimensions. Although it is still early in the movie’s plot, it has already received a number of positive US movie reviews from audiences. If this film performs well, it will surely open up a lot of opportunities for people in the US movie industry.

Other than Avatar, there has been little else that Hollywood has greenlit for us to watch. However, it would certainly be in everyone’s best interest if more movies were produced that are profitable and provide a boost to the US economy. Movies such as The Hunger Games, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The LEGO Movie provided audiences with what they wanted – fun and entertainment. Given the state of the US economy right now, a healthy boost to the market would most definitely help.

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