Wearing The Right Business Suit

Wearing The Right Business Suit

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A business suit is a basic pair of clothing consisting of a jacket, trousers, or dress trousers, all of the same color. It was originally considered proper wear by all elite business professionals in Western fashion codes when of the same fabric, matched with a collared shirt, necktie, dress shoes, and black-accented tie-dye. However in recent years this has changed and more relaxed dress code rules have been introduced which allow business men to wear their business suit to work without any form of necktie and neckties.

A business suit used to be worn as everyday wear and consisted of three pieces. The jacket, usually in black or dark colors, with either lining, trousers, or both. The trousers, usually in white or off-white were not too baggy, but fit perfectly to the body. The collars on the sleeves had to be satin or silk with the traditional knot at the back. The tie, if it had one at all, had to be either plain or have a loop or clip to hold it on the coat, so that it did not get caught up in the folds of the jacket.

The classic business suit has always been one piece, made of solid material like wool, linen, cotton, etc., with a good fit. However, over time different fabrics and styles of trousers were introduced allowing greater freedom of movement for business men. As the popularity of business suits increased, businessmen decided to purchase more comfortable trousers, which allowed them more ease of movement while going about their daily tasks. At the end of the 19th century, a new style of jacket was introduced which was shorter and had more pockets and was called the turtle suit. The term’turtle suit’ referred to the buttoned front pocket which was originally present on all but the very last British business suits. Soon after, the same style and type of trousers were introduced by manufacturers in America who based their suits on the British style.

When business suits were first worn they were in the form of a three-piece suit consisting of a jacket, trouser and tie. This was the traditional jacket that provided the main dress code for all businessmen and they were almost always white in colour. Over time, as more men began to wear tuxedos they adopted the three-piece suit and they retained the white colouring of the jacket and the trouser. The three-piece suit is still very fashionable today and can be seen often at formal events and in elite social gatherings.

The modern business suit, which is very similar to the casual suit, consists of three pieces: a jacket that may be of any colour, a trouser and tie or a v-neck jumper and a pair of dress pants or jeans. Business attire is generally conservative and business suit enthusiasts are usually dressed in a more conservative business suit which will make them look more formal than casual attire. Most business attire is also very well tailored business suits will cost considerably less than a similar piece of casual attire.

In the past casual suits were worn by men who worked in offices because they were quite warm and light whereas business suits were worn by more corporate type people who would be seen at office buildings or in other more formal attire. It is now a fairly common thing for men to wear casual suits as they have come to replace the formal attire. Nowadays they can be worn at most occasions. A casual suit worn with some form of dress pants or jeans makes an extremely smart look and it is easy to maintain this look in any situation. Casual suits are usually worn by men who work in offices and they do not require any form of special occasion dress code.

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