Wearing Your Business Suit Appropriately

Wearing Your Business Suit Appropriately

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A business suit is a pair of clothing consisting of a jacket, usually buttoned up, and two to three pants. Traditionally, when worn with a matching shirt, necktie, skirt, and proper dress shoes, it has been considered formal wear in Western professional dress codes. In the past few decades, however, this has become less true. Business suits are now worn by many people both for business and pleasure. But for formal occasions, you want to choose a well-tailored suit that fits your physique and style.

Many people confuse the difference between casual suits and business suits. They both are casual apparel that can be worn on a daily basis or a special event. However, the key difference is that a business suit is formally worn for a professional purpose. Casual suits, on the other hand, are typically worn for sports and informal occasions. Therefore, these are best avoided if you want to look your best.

The reason why business attire is worn is to create a professional image that exudes success. Business suits give off the appearance of being successful as opposed to casual attire which tends to be worn for comfort and not formality. Casual attire is generally worn to create an image of casual and relaxed. This relaxed and casual look is not appropriate for a professional setting and is generally not worn for work unless it is mandatory.

In addition, business suit attire generally is worn to create an air of professionalism. Therefore, one should dress appropriately even if it’s just for work. For instance, if you are going to wear a pair of dress pants along with a white or gray business suit then it would be very smart to wear a blouse over the pants. This will help to create an air of professionalism and you will look more trustworthy to your colleagues.

Finally, casual suits should be properly maintained and should not be worn in an improper manner. For instance, you should never wear sneakers or flip flops when you are going to attend an interview. This is because the shoes will tend to snag on your dress pants and will probably make you look like a walking fool. Additionally, you should keep the jacket and shirt buttoned up and not rolled down. This is important especially if you are wearing a turtleneck or a V-necked shirt. Rolled down shirts will tend to stick to the chair and can leave stains and you don’t want to have anything of this on your clothing.

A vest is also recommended to be worn over a coat. You can choose a vest that complements your jacket or you can choose a vest that hides the jacket. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For instance, if you are trying to create a formal look, then you should wear a full length jacket with a tie and a vest over it. If you are looking for something to give you warmth, you can go for a vest and a jacket or you can put a scarf around your neck and wear it as an overcoat.

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