What’s There To Know About Comcast Business?

What’s There To Know About Comcast Business?

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Comcast Business is a division of Comcast, which, in addition to handling the sales, service, and installation of cable, internet, and phone services to individual companies, has also handled the corporate sales and marketing of its packages. In 2021, Comcast Business nearly tripled its revenues, growing by 34% in the third quarter alone, an increase that led the company to raise its revenue projections for the year. The success of Comcast Business, coupled with the success of its other services, such as cable broadband, has made it one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in America.

Perhaps most notable about Comcast Business is its cable television offerings. At the time of this writing, the basic package, bundled with Total Select, featuresirtually every type of cable television imaginable: pay per view movies, premium channels, movies on demand, and so forth. Adding on extra packages such as High Definition Television (HDTV) for $2 more a month, Comcast Business offers subscribers the ability to not only watch their standard definition programming, but also their high definition programming – which offers a much crisper picture clarity and a higher resolution than standard definition. Add on a digital receiver for an additional cost and you’ll have not just local stations, but also satellite television broadcasts, giving Comcast Business an almost endless source of profit.

Comcast Business also offers the Xfinity Platinum Package, which serves as a multi-line discount package. The Xfinity Platinum Package provides access to five digital cable lines, four of which are in direct competition with cable companies in terms of speed and price. Comcast Business internet offers the opportunity for small businesses to establish themselves on the national stage, as well, with Comcast Cable’s local Internet services serving nearly thirty-five cities in the United States. Whatever comes next, Comcast Business will be there to provide it.

Comcast also offers its residential customer service, providing twenty-four hour assistance via a toll free telephone number. This service is also available to cable customers and subscribers. Comcast Extremely High Speed Internet service has also been expanded into new areas, including Maryland, bringing high speed Internet to the homes of hundreds of thousands of residents. Comcast Extremely High Speed Internet offers two choices: DSL or Cable modem. With DSL you get high-speed Internet access via a telephone line, but don’t have to deal with those pesky cables. Cable modem Internet allows customers the convenience of cable TV and broadband Internet without the hassle of waiting for wires to come in and out and dealing with annoying phone calls.

Comcast offers many services for businesses ranging from telecommunication assistance to online accounting to computer support. Whatever comes next, Comcast Business will be there to welcome it with open arms, so all you need to do is ask. Comcast Business may not be able to give you the whole story on what internet speeds are available where you live, but they can tell you who can offer the fastest speeds and who can help you get there.

If you’re looking for a way to bring the business world into your home, Comcast Business may be the perfect option. Comcast offers many packages for your business internet connection and there are special deals to take advantage of. Whether you need cable TV with high-speed Internet or you just want to watch live television online, Comcast can make it all happen. You’ll find yourself wondering how you ever got along without high-speed cable TV or DSL internet connection!

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