Yelp is Taking Over the Local Business Model

Yelp is Taking Over the Local Business Model

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Any company which provides products or services to a local community is normally thought of as a local business. Often denoted by the term, brick and mortar, a local business could be either a privately owned company or an international corporate business with multiple outlets operating within a given area. In many countries like Australia, there is a thriving real estate industry in many cities where there is a concentration of population growth. Many people purchase homes within these areas because they are inexpensive and have excellent views of the city. However, this is not the case for all Australian cities. Some cities like Hobart actually have very expensive property because the demand is high, making the supply low.

In a similar vein, one of the most sought after types of companies in this country are those which have local businesses within their geographical location. While there is no denying that there are some companies that cater only to nationally or internationally, there are also many locally owned online businesses that provide a service to the local population. The Internet has made this easy for even the smallest local businesses to flourish because they do not have to expand their business to include an international market, especially when there is strong local demand for their products and services. This makes it easy for local business to succeed because the competition is limited.

Another benefit to owning a small business in your local community is that your company can be more localised because you actually get to meet people face to face. Most of us know that we have to do business online and have to use various methods of communication, but when you deal with someone local, you can actually talk face to face. You can ask questions and they can answer you. This gives both parties a chance to form a long-term relationship based on trust, which is something that can’t really be done online.

Finally, the benefits to doing business in your local area extend beyond your customers. Many local businesses are experts on various services that you might need. Some examples are plumbing, electricians, landscapers, mechanics, hairdressers and mechanics. Yelp has many review sites where local businesses can showcase what they offer and why their customers should use them.

One example of this is food restaurants. Some restaurant owners and managers encourage their customers to leave feedback about the quality of their food and service. In turn, local businesses still get free advertising by putting the reviews on their websites and using social media sites like Yelp. The restaurant or other local business owner may also choose to have the review placed on their mobile marketing application and distribute it to their potential customers. While this form of advertisement is not as aggressive as a billboard, it does still send the message to customers that a local business cares about their opinion and will make every effort to give them good ones.

Yelp, like any other local business model that uses social media, is not new. It is just getting more attention for its unique features that have allowed small business owners all over the world to capitalize on this technology in new and creative ways. Small business owners may be reluctant at first to allow their businesses to take advantage of such social media, but with the right training, anyone can get used to using and managing it. Yelp offers plenty of training for novices and those who are already comfortable with it. The service is free and most of all, it works.

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